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Insulation Services In Brampton Choosing the correct insulation for home is quite important because it impacts your home’s efficiency and the overall comfort level of your home. Spray insulation is one of the best types of insulations for residential homes, which provides a comfortable and healthier environment while reducing the energy cost.

Efficiency Insulation provide home spray insulation services for all the residences in the Brampton area. We have a team of highly qualified contractors with years of experience in this field who have worked on many residential foam spray projects. Our contractors make use of foam technology to provide protection to your house, improving the indoor and outdoor air quality.

The spray foam acts as a protection and a barrier system, and expands to its size to fill the small and regular spaces. This helps to keep the building warm in winters and cool in summers. It is ideal for new homes and new constructions.

Spray Foam offers many benefits as it prevents the growth of the mould and the mildew, maintains the temperature round the year and saves you bucks on energy costs.

  • Improves cooling cost
  • Purifies the air-quality
  • Strengthens your home
  • Keeps pest away from entering

Advantages of Spray Foaming

Mould protection: Spray foam protects your home from preventing the moisture from growing. The lesser the amount of water comes through the walls, the less is the risk of health issues due to mould.

Strengthens the walls: It spreads everywhere and holds all the elements together — the additional layer of protection increase the value of your property.

Eco-friendly: Spray foam helps in energy conservation and also protects the structure from premature wear and tear.

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